About our BBQ Meats


We use hickory wood to cook all of our BBQ meats and smoke everything around 225° until they are fall-apart tender.

Beef, Chicken, or Pork Barbeque

Boston Butt
Top part of a pork shoulder (front leg of a pig). Slow-smoked 10 hours.

Beef Brisket
Tender, rich and juicy chopped brisket, smoked 10-12 hours.

Smoked and heart healthy. Whole bird, 3-½ pound average, smoked for 3 hours, brined, and meat hand pulled from the bone.

Pork Spareribs
The belly section of a pig, breast bone and diaphragm meat removed (St. Louis-style). 2-½ pound average, smoked 3 hours. Dry rub seasoning. (Baby back ribs are from along the spine or “back” and weigh only 1-¾ pounds on average).

Hot Links
Hot and spicy beef/pork sausage. 1/3 pound average, smoked 1-¾ hours.

If you’ve never tried any of our BBQ meats, order one of our combination meals.